Creepy Clowns Are Creepy

Or are they?

Lots of people think so. I’m not one of them, but as a horror author, don’t think for a second I won’t exploit that fear in every single reader I can. You’ve been warned.

So here’s the deal:

In an upcoming story, as yet untitled, for an upcoming SSP project, as yet also untitled (am I being too cryptic? my apologies) I plan to feature an antagonist of the–you got it–grinning, juggling, red nose-wearing persuasion.

Mwuahahahahaha! (Like my Vincent Price impression?)

Don’t run away! I haven’t gotten to the deal yet. Yes, I’m going to be creating a clown character that’s probably going to be pretty creepy. But that’s not the deal. The deal is, said clown needs a name. And how do I want that name to originate?

**points at you**

Yup. I hereby declare an open call for my clown’s cognomen (that’s a fancy term for “name”–I’ll do anything for a little alliteration).

Here’s how it will go down:

  1. Open call for name suggestions starts now and will end at midnight, CST, August 31.
  2. Respondents may utilize any of the following avenues to provide their suggestions
    1. WordPress: If you have a WP account, please feel free to comment directly on this post.
    2. Facebook: This blog post will be shared on my FB author page. Suggestions can be left on the ORIGINAL (not a shared!) post on my author page.
    3. Twitter: Tweet @Briana_R_Author, followed by your suggestion, with #clowncognomen
  3. Multiple submissions are not only acceptable, but encouraged! (But please, let’s keep it reasonable–I have to keep track of them all, after all!)
  4. Once the open call has closed, I will choose my top five favorite suggestions–my finalists–and announce them on September 1st. I will notify said finalists individually.
  5. Then, it’s up to my SSP peeps. I will post a blind poll for my fellow Stitchers, and let them vote. Their voting period will remain open until midnight, CST, September 30.
  6. On October 1st, I will announce the winning name and the person who provided it. The winning title will be applied to the conniving clown in my upcoming story, and the winner will receive a signed copy of the as-yet-unnamed project (which may or may not be an SSP horror anthology) at my expense.

So that’s it. Hit me. Send me your best (or worst), your cutest (or creepiest) clown names, and earn yourself a spot of eternity among my words!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Much love!


4 thoughts on “Creepy Clowns Are Creepy

  1. Nostromo came to gather all the people in the tent.
    And everywhere the clown would go, so, too, the children went.
    His eager smile behind the eyes hid fangs that no one saw
    For with his crass and cunning he held everyone in awe .
    The final act, he’d always say, would take your breath away …
    And then he’d kill and maim the crowd, so want you come and play?

    A poem to enter the name Nostromo … Yeah, I might be a little excited. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha …

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  2. Clown name numero dos: Costaguana the clown. The name hails from the novel, Nostromo. It’s a fictitious South American republic. This ties it into my first suggestion.

    Bat crap crazy as a clown can be!
    He’s coming from below to get you and me …
    Costaguana hovers and no one can save!
    He’s planning on a preparing us an early grave …


  3. Snicker Peal and Har-de-har, the twins of clowning wonder
    Put a dagger in your back and bleed you out and under!
    Giggles and the one they call the Cackler join the fun
    Down below the big top, they won’t stop until their done!
    Chortles and then Glee-glop, both a scream into their own
    Here’s a list of killer clowns; my, my,-this entry’s grown!

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