Horror Humpday: Phobia

A short, creepy piece of poetry for your pleasure.

Stitched Smile Publications


Breath hitches.

Chest clinches.

A bitter chill sets in.

Eight hairy legs

carry eight evil eyes

as it scurries

and scuttles

and sidles closer.

Cold sweat beads

then weeps,

trickling along icy skin,

and the scream is caught,

cut off,

as terror engulfs.

Heart races.

Horror chases

the spider in its wake

as it knowingly creeps

along flesh

steeped in fear.

Breath ceases.

Blood decreases

as essence slips away,

retreating from the

lifeless shell

which is all that remains

of a phobic hell.

~~Briana Robertson, Author, Stitched Smile Publications


Briana Robertson is an emerging speculative fiction author, working primarily within the genres of horror and fantasy. Her love of authors such as Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Patrick Rothfuss, and J.K. Rowling has developed her own need to put pen to paper. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies, and broadcast on online podcasts. Her debut novel is in the…

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